Rob Avery Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems - Part 3

Rob Avery Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems - Part 3

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Rob Avery


Together with Aerodynamics and Systems Part 1 (F...

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Together with Aerodynamics and Systems Part 1 (Flying Glass), and  Aerodynamics and Systems Part 2 (Basic Gas Turbine Engines), this book covers the entire CASA ATPL Aerodynamics and Systems syllabus, and great time and effort has been expended to make sure it imparts the knowledge required in a simple and easy to understand fashion. The previous lack of suitable study texts in this subject has long been identified by students around the globe as frustrating their efforts to pass the relevant examination. These three inexpensive books address that shortcoming, and at the same time provide focus as to the depth of knowledge required in the CASA ATPL examination. Part 3 features over 230 pages, plus numerous diagrams, and a quick reference index to save search time.

As with other study books produced by Rob Avery, it is spiral bound so that when laid flat it does not close on you. Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems - Part 3, covers the following syllabus topic areas in detail:

Basic and High Speed Aerodynamics

Flaps and Slats (High-Lift Devices)

Flight Control Systems (B767 based)

Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS)

Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS)

Flight Recording Systems

Landing Gear and Braking Systems


Air Conditioning & Pressurisation

Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

Aircraft Electrical Systems

Ice and Rain Protection Systems

Aerodynamics and Systems books 1, 2, and 3 are the ideal references for either ATPL students, or those studying toward university or TAFE examinations, and those preparing for airline technical interviews.

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